FREE Tickets to Alternative Investing @ London Investor Show – 16th May 2014

We have free tickets to give away for the Alternative Investing Show this Friday at London Olympia.  Just use voucher code timetotrade when booking online, to claim your free tickets and workshop:

Did you know that in the last decade, classic cars have done better than gold? Rising 430%, compared to the FTSE 100 which gained 55% in the same period.

This is just one example of how widening out your portfolio to include some alternative investments could help deliver some stellar returns.

Come along to the London Investor Show – Alternative Investing on Friday, 16th May for a day dedicated to providing information and education on alternative investing – covering topics such as investing in wine, art and antiques, gold, diamonds, classic cars and property. You can learn:
• How to build a successful portfolio of alternative investments
• How to diversify existing portfolio and spread your risk
• Asset allocation – the Lunchtime Summit panel discuss the ideal portfolio
• How to trade commodities

There are four investment workshops for you to attend, choose all four or the ones of most interest to you:

• Rodney Hobson: An Introduction to Alternative Investing
• Dietrich Hatlapa: Investing in Classic Cars
• Philip Staveley: Investing in Fine Wine
• David Gibbins: Investing in Property

Learn about how to include alternative investing alongside more traditional asset classes like stocks, bonds and cash to help diversify, spread risk and maximise opportunity for profit. More and more successful fund managers are turning to alternative investments for precisely this reason – spread the risk, diversify your current portfolio and open up the chances of achieving some excellent returns.

The London Investor Show – Alternative Investing has been created with these objectives in mind – how to assist investors like you who might be considering adding some alternative investments to an existing portfolio. You should attend this London Investor Show if you:

• are currently managing your own portfolio (single-handedly or with support from a wealth manager or advisory broker)

• are interested in finding out more about the substantial returns that can be madefrom investing in alternative assets*

You can claim TWO complimentary tickets and workshop by using voucher code timetotrade when booking online at

Worth £30 – you can bring a friend or colleague to the show for free!

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